Welcome to the Milwaukee Debate League

The Milwaukee Debate League (MDL) is an organization that works in partnership with the Milwaukee-area schools to support academic debate teams in local high schools.  MDL is an emerging program that is evolving from an organization that changes the lives of a few individual students to one that transforms the academic culture of the schools we serve. Our focus over the next three years is to go deep in existing member schools, building large debate teams and supporting teachers as they use debate to transform the academic atmosphere and expectations in their school.

Why Debate?

Competitive academic debate offers a powerful means of engaging students in their own education and reversing negative trends. Debaters come from across the academic spectrum, including those who do not attend school regularly or are not thriving in the traditional classroom. Debate appeals to these students as a fun, competitive, and student-centered way to encounter …

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Get Involved

Getting involved with the Milwaukee Debate League won’t just change a student’s life, it will change yours! The Milwaukee Debate League relies heavily on volunteers in order to provide the life-changing opportunities debate has to offer Milwaukee area high school students. Volunteers fill vital roles throughout the year; including judging tournaments, as an assistant coach, …

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